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Part of the left seems ready to write off Trump's poor and uneducated white following as bigots beyond redemption. But this is a unhelpful, harmful impulse. I have been studying the uneducated white underclass for the past seven years from a rather unusual vantage point: I have been researching Insane Clown Posse and its notorious, overwhelmingly white, poor, and uneducated Juggalo fanbase for a pair of books: 2013's You Don't Know Me But You Don't Like Me and 2016's 7 Days In Ohio: Trump, The Gathering Of The Juggalos And The Summer Everything Went Insane .

Kaleidoscope (dir: Rupert Jones, 2017, cert 15) We love anything with Toby Jones in, one of the best contemporary English actors he possesses that rare thing, a face that can convey a multitude of complex emotional range with a mere glance. A skill that is particularly suited to Rupert Jones' (Toby's brother) gloomy insular thriller.  Carl (Toby Jones) is newly released from prison, living in a dingy council flat and preparing for his first date in 15 years, his overbearing mother is also threatening to visit. What follows is an excruciatingly tense trudge through the mire of Carl's mind where nothing is as it seems. Mon 8 Jan to Tue 9 Jan at The Mockingbird, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA £10  Trophy (dir: Shaul Schwarz, Christina Clusiau, 2017, cert 15) A film that will certainly raise the hackles of most audiences but also leave an uneasy aftertaste as the reality of big game hunting is laid bare, uncomfortable warts and all. Schwarz and Clusiau dissect an issue that to most people is black and white, the revulsion felt at seeing some gurning human monster sat astride a dead lion is all too real and natural, not so easy are the villagers who welcome the hunting to protect their livestock or that demented chestnut, in order to save the animals it is necessary to kill them. A compelling and superior documentary. Mon 8 Jan to Tue 9 Jan at The Mockingbird, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA £10  Man On The Roof (dir: Bo Widerberg, 1976, cert 15) Based on number seven, The Abominable Man, in the excellent series of Martin Beck thrillers from Swedish writing duo Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. Widerberg's film starts as it means to go on with the disembowelment of a police inspector ushering Beck's, played with grim doggedness by Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, trawl through an oppressively beautiful Stockholm in pursuit of the killer. Part of the States of Danger and Deceit season running through January. Tue 9 Jan 6pm at the mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH £9  Brazil (dir: Terry Gilliam, 1985, cert 15) Terry Gilliam’s epic Kafkaesque tale of a dystopian bureaucratic future is almost as famous for its production battles as for the film itself. Left in limbo for so long Gilliam took out a full page advert in Variety Magazine asking the producers when they were going to release his film. Audience members will need to fill in a form 27B/6 before being allowed admission. (not really) Wed 10 Jan 8pm at The Mockingbird, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA £  Blade of the Immortal  (dir: Takashi Miike, 2017, cert 18) The most prolific filmmaker operating today has released over a hundred movies, all of which shock, unsettle and bemuse in equal measure. His samurai epic; the Manga based Blade of the Immortal, is all this and more, a cacophony of feudal violence writ large for over two hours. Stylish, extraordinary and at times positively revolting, no one produces cinema like Takashi Miike. Fri 12 Jan to Wed 17 Jan at The Mockingbird, Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA £5  Z (dir: Costas Gavras, 1969, cert PG) Exquisite and sublime political classic from one of the masters of twentieth century cinema. Gavras' edge of the seat thriller is simply faultless in its execution and dissection of how easy political discourse can be seduced into wielding violence. Do not miss this opportunity to see Gavras' masterpiece on the big screen. Part of the States of Danger and Deceit season running through January. Sun 14 Jan 2pm at the mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH £9 

Playback (pictured) at The mac, Birmingham Drag queens, super-heroes, job centres, zombies, talking goldfish and radioactive snails, this interactive short film based ...