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Siete Composiciones Ambientales (Ruidemos) 2005
Koala (Ruidemos) 2006
La Torre Bajo El Gran Polígono (Biodata) 2006
Océanos Imposibles (Ruidemos) 2006
Amílcar (Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms) 2007
Beso Y Fruta Cortada (Planear Records) 2007
Caleta Dos (Resting Bell) 2007
Caleta Uno (Resting Bell) 2007
Criatura (Ruidemos) 2007
Guaymallén EP (Mixomat Recordings) 2007
Las Guerras (Ruidemos)    2007
Mahorka Remixes, Volume One (Mahorka) 2007
(Sine3pm) 2007
Musicadebarcosparatrombones (Standard Klik Music) 2007
San Pedro (Hazard Records) 2007
Split Series # 3 (Mirakelmusik) 2007
Split Series #4 (Mahorka) 2007
Split Series #6 (Noise-Joy) 2007
Split Series 10 (Mahorka) 2007
Vasco Da Gama (OUIM ) 2007
Amílcar (Audiotalaia) 2008
El Viaje. Adrián Juárez Remixes (Audiotalaia) 2008
Hermano Telesferico (Deep-X Recordings) 2008
Mahorka Remixes Vol. 3 (Mahorka) 2008
Planicie Corrediza (Test Tube) 2008
Random Trip (Chew-Z) 2008
Tierra Abierta (Resting Bell) 2008
Novocento (Frigida) 2009
Carbonilla Y Lápices De Cera (PERKuNowA) 2009
Fotografrei (Frigida) 2010

Adrián Juárez

Members of MS are characterised by tattoos covering the body, previously including the face, and by the use of their own sign language . They are notorious for their violence and a subcultural moral code based on merciless retribution. This cruelty of the distinguished members of the " Maras " or "Mareros" earned them a path to be recruited by the Sinaloa Cartel battling against Los Zetas in an ongoing drug war in Mexico. [5] [6] [7] Their wide-ranging activities have drawn the attention of the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement , who have initiated wide-scale raids against known and suspected gang members, arresting hundreds across the country. [ citation needed ]

Adrián Juárez - Siete Composiciones AmbientalesAdrián Juárez - Siete Composiciones AmbientalesAdrián Juárez - Siete Composiciones AmbientalesAdrián Juárez - Siete Composiciones Ambientales